How to remove any bloatware from a Xiaomi device

You are now familiar with the various tasks an ADB tool can perform from the article.

The tasks include

1. Installing an application

2. Debugging an application

3. Uninstalling an application

4. Copying files

This article will focus on removing bloatware from Xiaomi devices using the ADB tool without any third-party application.

First the user need to prepare the device from which the user wants to remove bloatware.

The detailed discussion on how to connect an Android device to a PC using the ADB tool is here.

By the end of the above mentioned article, the user find himself in the following screen in his PC.

The PC screen after the end of the article

Now as the PC and the android device is connected, the user need to activate Remote Shell Command control. Activating Remote Shell Command Control on an android device is pretty straightforward. After you have reached the above screen, run the “ADB shell” command in the command line. Woah! You have activated the Remote Shell Command Console. The command will show you the codename of your device.

Match the screen of the laptop with the following screenshot.

Screen of the laptop after running adb shell command

Now the user need to find the name of the packages of the app he/she want to uninstall. The package names are easy to find. Follow the procedure to find the name of the application package.

How to find the package name of the android application

Though there are various methods to find the application package name, I will show you the easiest one, and as promised, we will not be using any third-party apps.

1. Head over to your settings app

2. Scroll down to “Apps”

Head over to “Apps

3. Go to “Manage apps”

Go to “Manage apps

4. Scroll down to the app you want to uninstall and click on the app. Alternatively, you can search for the app in the search bar.

Scroll down to the app or search for the app in the search bar

5. Click on the “i” button in the top right corner

Click the “i” button in top right corner

6. The package name is on the opposite side of the “APK name” option

The package name can be found here

By this end, you are fully equipped with all the items you need in the command line to uninstall bloatware or an application.


NOT all applications are safe to uninstall. Please do not play with it. Do not uninstall any system apps or apps if you do not know the app’s details.

Uninstall the app

Run the command “pm uninstall -k — user 0”. E.g., For chrome, this will be pm uninstall -k — user 0

run the command pm uninstall -k — user 0 for chrome. The general format is pm uninstall -k — user 0

The command line will show the status of the process.

Check the status of your process here

Remove all the unnecessary apps from your device and free your phone storage by following the above command.

Thank you for your patience and time if you have followed the article till now. I hope you learned something new today. Have a good day ahead.



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